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I was finally going home it had been a bitch of a day I was sick and exhausted and needed a shower

I drove up the final road and the drive and got out

The air felt stifling even though I had removed my bra and panties under my sun dress before the drive

Home I grabbed the bags of groceries and walked up

The door was ajar and I figured my boyfriend was home before me even though he said he would be late

I pushed the door open with my foot and walked to the kitchen then just as I put the bags down I was

Grabbed from behind and something thrown over my head at the same motion the collar of my dress was pulled sharply down baring my breasts and trapping my arms to my sides I was then turned and walked a few feet away and the back of my knees kicked so I was now kneeling then felt something else tied to my head right over my eyes and pushed over a bench? Or the coffee table my dress was then pulled hard from the bottom and the rest of it opened so my exposed front was resting on this table

It also pulled my arms back and together in the sleeves my wrists were grabbed and something tied over them tight my dress was then pulled up in the air and entangled in something over my head

He then did the same to my ankles tying them together so u was left with no movement at all

I did struggle then as this was beyond any bedroom play and to tell the truth the shock was wearing

Off and it hurt a little then I felt his hands large and rough stroking my skin my ass then my flanks

And up my back and even my arms this sent shivers through my whole body as I was helpless and exposed to him the hood was lifted to a point where the band covered my eyes and he then touched

My cheeks and lips and then with gentle pressure my tongue as he pushed my jaw down so my mouth was open then he slowly stroked two fingers in and out I did not even think of biting as I was in no

Condition to fight this man and even now he might be my boyfriend

Then I heard the telltale sound of a zipper being opened inches from my face and a belt hitting the table with the clunk of the buckle then something touched my lips once more this time it was a cock and it was

Probing my mouth with little short jabs as it entered the hands then grabbed my head once more and pulled me onto this cock till I was forced to pull back from my bond arms he then jabbed again and again

Deeper and deeper with every thrust till I started to gag at each jab then as I was choking he pulled out and let me cough and breath once again

As my breathing came back to something normal I felt his hands once again on my ass spreading

My cheeks and probing my pussy it was dry and it hurt some and I was squirming from his touch now

All of a sudden crack his hand spanked my ass so very hard I swear it quivered all the way through

My body then another and another till I could feel the heat radiating from my spanked ass

He then stopped and I heard someone in the kitchen cupboards

His hands were back rubbing along my flank and then my sore ass and then my back

Then was a shock as something cold and wet was being poured on my ass crack and running to the floor

His fingers then went to my pussy but it must have been oil because he slipped two in me right away

He poked in and out of my pussy with the same short jabs he had used in my mouth then something

Unexpected he poked a finger in my ass as well I bucked forward on to the table and made a squeal

With this he started probing more and then more cold oil as he added a finger then two in my ass

I dared not squirm as my poor ass could not stand another spanking

The fingers finally withdrew and I relaxed for a moment only to feel a cold hard object at my pussy lips

It was real cold but solid like steel and it was being pushed in my pussy going in an alarming distance

It was wide as well stretching my lips to the max as it went in to my cervix and bumped

He was then pulling then stopped and started a jabbing stroking movement fucking my pussy with

This object fast and hard I was turned on despite myself and started to push back at this fucking

Then it happened I came hard and long quivering on the table the object then was removed and

Discarded with a think on the floor I was still recovering and felt something else at my pussy

This time there was no mistaking his hard cock entering my pussy it was fucking me very slow

Soaking in my now hot pussy he did this for a few more strokes and withdrew and more oil was

Poured on my ass then he was pushing his cock in my ass slow but forceful entering to his balls

This time there was no respite as he just started fucking me with force hard deep and fast he was

Forcing me further on the table and even driving that forward so my arms were being pulled higher

His driving became more erratic and then I felt him unloading his balls in my ass with a grunt

This sent me into my own orgasm from the ass fucking and the situation all came together at once

And then a slow withdrawal I heard him moving around as I came down from my own high

Then there was a rip of cloth and my arms were cut down and loosed but I dared not move

then there was silence that stretched on and on so finally I loosened my head covering and looked around no one was there I rolled on to my side and untied my feet as well and stood and fell as the

Circulation came back to my limbs I spotted my boyfriends flashlight and a puddle of olive oil on the floor

I threw my now ruined dress on this to let it mop up I stood then and moved to the kitchen and the

Bags were still there but wait where the hell my underwear was

I wandered in a daze to the bathroom and started a hot shower and got in as I soaped my body

Washing off the oil I was actually getting excited rolling the events over in my mind and started to

Masturbate in the shower bringing myself to a hard climax on my own and letting the stress and

Tension of the encounter was down the drain

I got out and dressed and then cleaned up the mess my pussy getting moist with every remembered

Thought with no trace anything happened but a ruined and oil soaked dress I put things away and made supper as my boyfriend came home and kissed my cheeks and asked if I was still feverish

I just smiled and said I was flushed in places. Gorgeous Atashi Ni Makasena Psi!! – Saiki Kusuo… .

Hentai: [Tekokids (Leonardo 16sei)] Tsuyu Biyori ~Katei Kyoushi no Oshigoto~ (Boku no Hero Academia) [Digital]

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[テコキッズ (れオナるド16世)]梅雨ビヨリ ~家庭教師のお仕事~(僕のヒーローアカデミア) [DL版]

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