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they all liked what was written on the shorts BUMS…the guy behind spanked her again and tears came in her eyes with pain but I thought she was enjoying…she got up pushed that guy and left the other two guys dick and came to guys next to me…she started moving her waist in circular position in front of one guy and she pulled me a side and sat between them…

I felt as if she came for my rescue…the two guys started kissing her all over and she started opening their shorts…She pulled one guys short down and she was shocked to see his 7 inch long dick tight erected as he was not wearing anything inside… He then pulled other guys short down and he was in his undies…she started playing with their dick and guys playing all over her… The black guy then got up and came to her and he then caught her hand asked her to unzip him. Me: Ganged banged by whom

Varsha: Anyone

Me: how many at a time

Varsha: As much as my hubby wants

Me: Oh you are so obedient I am sure why you never had sex with someone else inspite of being desperate.

Hentai: [Ashita Kanmi] Onanii no Omoide

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