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I sit in your bed
With thoughts of us in my head
Staring in your eyes
I sever the past ties
Wipe away your tears
And lay to rest your fears
Our hearts beat as one
This game called Love we have won
Under dark clouds
Hidden by ebon shrouds
The nights we dance away
Carefree under the Moon’s sway
My Goddess of shiny things
Her God of raven’s wings
Pushed apart we crumble
Pulled together the realms rumble
Beneath our gaze
Lies the blood soaked haze
Her Kronos of Blood
My Maharajah of The Night
Her knight of crimson visage
My damsel of purest vision. Rebolando Joshikou Ni Seiyoku Shori Kakari… .

Hentai: [Cola Bolt (Kotomuke Fuurin)] Naked Text (Touhou Project) [Digital]

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[コーラーボルト (平国風鈴)]ネイキッドテキスト(東方Project) [DL版]

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