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Staring up at me, a look of total lust in her eye, she answered, “ Fuck my face! Make me choke on it” Before I could move she grabbed the shaft and pulled it to her open mouth. She grabbed my head, pulling it into her wetness.

Hentai: [Leprotto (Huupo)] Itadakimaasu! (Touhou Project)

Itadakimaasu! 1Itadakimaasu! 2Itadakimaasu! 3Itadakimaasu! 4Itadakimaasu! 5Itadakimaasu! 6Itadakimaasu! 7Itadakimaasu! 8Itadakimaasu! 9Itadakimaasu! 10Itadakimaasu! 11Itadakimaasu! 12Itadakimaasu! 13Itadakimaasu! 14Itadakimaasu! 15Itadakimaasu! 16Itadakimaasu! 17Itadakimaasu! 18Itadakimaasu! 19Itadakimaasu! 20Itadakimaasu! 21Itadakimaasu! 22Itadakimaasu! 23

[Leprotto (フーポ)]いただきまぁす!(東方Project)

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