[Reimei Kikaku (Kusunoki Hyougo)] Ichigo Jouka (Ichigo 100%)

Plus, I hadn’t had sex or masturbated in the last three days!

Before I knew it, I felt that familiar aching feeling in my balls; his continued motions up and down with my foreskin and around and around with my penis-head, so firmly and yet so gently, soon elicited the inevitable result – and I came. I suppose he must have known that I had grown quite fond of him but I couldn’t quite figure-out why he liked spending so much time with me until I got him onto the subject of sex one night.

Hentai: [Reimei Kikaku (Kusunoki Hyougo)] Ichigo Jouka (Ichigo 100%)

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[黎明企画 (楠ノ木兵庫)]苺嬢果(いちご100%)

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