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I told him we would soon have company and that some of the guys from last night would be back for more too, he grinned and said yes he had spoken to some during the day and all wanted more,

It wasnt long before the first guys entered, eager to join in, they started to play with me, cocks now appearing all around, I reckoginsed one, hubbies, as it went right in my mouth, Francis still pounding my pussy doggy stlye, hubby whispered no wonder you wanted more of this cock,

I moved the guys over to the bed, laying on Dave's cock, I told Francis to open my arse for the night, his cock lubed up slide right in, Dave and Francise fucked me hard as a few guys filled my mouth with cum,

The guys we know, also know hubby is fully bi, so a few swung thier cocks into his mouth too, much to the surprise of others, but no one seemed to mind, it wasnt long before Dave swollowed his first load, again a few guys went wow, but none worried about it,,

By now both guys had fucked me hard, and Francis was building up to fill me with his first cum load for the night, hubby held back, as he felt Francis pump gallons of cum deep in my arse,, mmmmmmmm so hot,,,when his cock slipped out I moved up over hubbies mouth and dumped Francis cum straight in. [Circle Kagemusya (Kagemusya)] Seiteki Kachikan… Dave ate it all and licked my arse dry, with that I moved down and slide his cock in my arse for him to feel the wet ness inside, another cock joined his and both double fucked my arse,, this was to much and within 5 mins or so both blew their seed in me,, again I sat up over hubby and dropped thier cum into his mouth, he swollowed it all
We swapped around, I took 2 new guys and a third in my mouth, as hubby took one of our friends in his arse, and sucked another, by now a few of the new guys were getting into hubbies fun too, we kept this up for several hours, Francis took my pussy and arse a few times, when I said to him about I wish I could see him fuck hubby,, he didnt seem to keen, but didnt say no, so a bit later on, when Dave was free, I got Francis to lay on his back and I sat on his face for him to eat my pussy,

Francis cock was standing proud, as Dave moved over it, and slid his arse right down first time,, wow Francis face lit up as hubby worked him hard and quick, we stayed like that for 5 mins or so, then Francis said can I fuck him doggy, well we both moved and Dave was on his knees in seconds, Francis lined up his cock and slide it in, both guys working one another hard, as other guys took over and fucked me hard too,,

Soon I heard Francis groan his face contorted as his balls swelled up and his cock pulsed to the speed of the cum squirting into hubbies arse, when he stopped cumming Dave swung around and sucked his cock dry, then sat over my face as I ate him out, it was then I lubed my hand and rammed it hard into his cummy hole,,, you should have seen most of the guys faces,,,Dave had a few anal orgasms before pulling of my fist.

Hentai: [Suiren no Yado (Asakawa)] Natsu no Yari Naoshi -Inaka to Hanare to Bijin Shimai- [Chinese] [鬼畜王汉化组] [Digital] [Ongoing]

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[水蓮の宿 (浅川)]夏のヤリなおし-田舎と離れと美人姉妹- [中国翻訳] [DL版] [進行中]

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